Well hey there friends!

So I got another VoxBox courtesy of the lovely folks at Influenster! It’s been a good while since I’ve gotten a VoxBox, so yeah. Let’s see this.

So this is the outside…


And when I opened it, I was greeted with…


It just lists all of the products and product prices.

Under this was…

DSCN5879Coupon! It’s a coupon for a full sized version of one of the hair product samples we received in the box. I just so happened to get the little powder on the top there.


This is the OSIS Dust It powder. It’s a hair mattifying powder. The other side of the coupon said if you take the powder and sprinkle it onto sections of the scalp, you get amazing volume. Now, I tested this stuff out. My hair was a little gross, because I had just gotten out of work. I assumed that since this was mattifying, I should use it on oily hair rather than fresh hair. Anyways, I put the stuff on my roots like it said and massaged it into my scalp. I don’t know if I used too much, but my hair feels awful! It’s like I teased my hair and sprayed hairspray all up in it! It’s smooth there I didn’t put product, but wherever the product is, it feels terrible! I will say that I did get volume, but I’m someone who runs her fingers in her hair. This isn’t a good feeling. It did give the desired volume, but with my Asian hair, it doesn’t stay by itself. I expected that. However, there’s something super cool with this product. I have black hair. The powder is white. You can’t see there I put it. It’s awesome! It blends in with hair color. It almost melts into the hair. I have no clue what miracle produt this is, but my goodness you can’t see it in my hair. Would I buy it? Yeah. I feel like the awesomeness of the volume and the color changing technology outweigh the way it feels. I’ll get used to it.

So the next product I looked at was… the Tasty Kake. Yes. It comes with a Tasty Kake.

DSCN5880I got a Reese’s one. They know me so well.

DSCN5881It’s beautiful! And it tastes good. And now that I’m typing this review, I want another one… Why does it have to be midnight right now as I’m typing this? I’m so hungry.

Anyways… The next this I looked at was the NYC Appleicious Glossy Lip Balm. It’s so cute.

DSCN5884There’s a little apple in the center that I messed up after using it. Anyways, it smells nice, but it tastes awful. It tastes like soap. It looks like it would leave a reddish tinge, especially when looking at this swatch…

DSCN5887But nah dawg. It’s just glossy. And it tastes terrible. Seriously. The taste won’t leave my mouth. Do not like.

The next thing I looked at was this deoderant.

DSCN5885It’s 1.7 oz, or 48 g. It’s a good size for travel or if you’re going to the gym. It smells clean. Like, you know that smell and it just smells fresh? Yeah. Smells like that. It’s kind of like a baby powder. Now, I usually use Secret deoderant, but I don’t use this kind. I have a thing against gel deoderants, but I tried it. It gives you so much product when you twist it just once. It clicks into place, and after one click, there’s so much product! I smell good and all, but I like my own deoderant better.

So last but not least, fake nails. Ugh. Why fake nails? I’m Bianca, and I paint nails! Or painted nails. But anyways, I’m not a fan of fake nails.

DSCN5886But whatever. These are the imPress nails press on manicure, and they’re designed by Nicole Sherzinger. I’ll admit, the design is cute. But, the size of these nals are tiny. They’ll fit across, but they’re just not long enough.

DSCN5889It doesn’t even reach the top of my nail bed. There are for children. Or girls with no nails. Not for me. I think I might give these to people. I can’t use them.

Anyways, that’s the whole VoxBox! My favorite product was the Tasty Kake. No lie. Second place goes to that hair powder. I’m very likely to use that coupon and buy a full sized bottle of the stuff, because it’s awesome sauce. And I honestly have nothing else to say. To be completely honest, I’m a little disappointed in the products chosen. I’ll take it, but yeah. A little disappointed.

But thanks for reading this not so little blog post. I will have nails coming up very soon, and that’s a promise. And once again, thanks for reading!


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