(Almost) New Year!

This calls for a post.

So a while back, I won a Beauty Blogger VoxBox Brand Challenge. Then, last week, I got my package! It came with fake eyelashes and these super cute nail stickers. But today, I’ll be reviewing the eyelashes.



The lashes didn’t come with any lash adhesive. You can buy any lash adhesive at any drugstore, inclusing Kiss lash adhesive.

The lashes themselves feel super plasticy and synthetic. That’s not a big deal though.

The first thing I nocited when I opened up the box were these red strings coming form the lashes. They’re supposed to help you place the lash on your lashline. Then, you pull the red strings off when you got the lashes on. I think you can only use these strings once.


They suck. No matter how I held these strings, I just ended up punching myself in the face and getting the lashes super crooked. And if you can manage to get these thinns on with the strings, you can only use the strings once anyways, so just learn to put them on without the strings. I just applied mine with tweezers and my fingers. Was I applying them wrong with the strings? Probably. Most likely. But my point still stands. You can only use these strings once, so just learn to apply the lashes without them.

011 013

And WOW. These things are dramatic! They’re super long and thick. Definitely good if you’re going out. Don’t wear glasses with these. The package even said that these are ideal for contact lens wearers (which is me now). These lashes need some form of bottom lashes to balance out your eye. If you’re just wearing these, you look ridiculous. I even put on a bunch of makeup to see if anything would balance out. Nope. These are just too full for my eyes.

Also, the lash band itself was really long, so I had to trim it a bit. That’s probably just my own problem, but I felt I should mention it.

I’m pleased with the actual lashes. I know it seems like I’m complaining a lot, but they’re super fun. Would I wear them? Sure. I don’t know where I’d wear them, but I’d wear them. They’re fun! They’re just not for me, though. They’re a little… too dramatic for my face. But oh well.

You can buy these at any drugstore for $3.99. There are a bunch of different styles ranging from super dramatic to somewhat natural.

Anyways, thanks for reading this post! If you’re going out tonight, stay safe. Have a happy New Year!


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