Top 10 Reasons Why Bob Jones is Amazing.


You’re probably wondering, “Who is Bob Jones, and why is he amazing?”

Bob Jones is someone I work with, and somehow, he found my blog. And rather than keeping this information to himself, he made sure to know that I knew that he knew. (Wait, what?) Anyways, after working with him for nine hours today, he asked for this blog post. So here goes.

10) If I stand on my toes, I’m taller than him. It’s awesome. I love being tall!

9) He’s just totally cool with people. It doesn’t matter if you’re some 17 year old beauty nerd who is addicted to caffeine. He won’t try to kill you. (Unless he actually wants to kill me. Please don’t kill me, Bob. I love you.)

8) He understands when I say that there’s a Bianca Quesadilla. If you didn’t know, I work with food, and we have quesadillas. And I always get the same thing, large chicken and cheese quesadilla), so whenever anyone gets a large chicken and cheese quesadilla, I call it a Bianca Quesadilla. And today, he ordered a Baby Bianca, or a small chicken and cheese quesadilla. So my dear friends who go to my school, if you want to make my day while I’m working, order a Bianca Quesadilla. But make sure you only say that to me or Bob… No one else would get it.

7) His name is Bob Jones! If that’s not the most generic white guy name, I don’t know what is. (Maybe it’s John Smith… oh well.)

6) He follows my blog. And he has his own blog. He hasn’t posted anything yet, so I think we should all spam his comments and get him to write something.

5) He’s always dancing. Seriously. It’s almost bad how much he dances.

4) He doesn’t need caffeine to have energy. I do sometimes, but Bob? All nartural energy right there.

3) He’s got a good sense of humor. It’s a weird, random sense of humor, which I like.

2) He’s a powerhouse! I don’t know how he can work 12 hour shifts (while spending nine of them with me) without passing out. And without caffeine.

1) He counted tips tonight, and I just really wanted my tips. I was scared that if I didn’t write this post, he wouldn’t count me.

So yeah! Those are the top 10 reasons why Bob Jones is amazing.

So the next time you step foot into that (insert name of my place of work), and you see that short white guy, you point to him and say, “HEY. You’re Bob Jones, and you’re amazing.”

You’re welcome.


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