I got my first VoxBox!!!

Wow. That was sudden. xD

Hello my pretty people! Unfortunately, I have no nails for you this week. However, I have something else really cool! I got my first VoxBox!

For those who don’t know, a VoxBox is a box full of stuff you get from Influenster.com. You sign up for free, answer a few surveys, write a couple reviews, and bam! You could qualify for a VoxBox. You can get anything in these boxes. Food, candles, makeup, anything! I qualified for the Beauty Blogger VoxBox after waiting for about four month, since I signed up in June. Alrighty. Onto the pictures!

This is what it looked like when I opened it.

This was the first thing I grabbed. These are SpinPins. I love these. I had already bought a couple sets a few months ago, and they’re great if you want to put your hair in a bun, but you have Asian hair like me. I lost a couple of mine when I wore them to work and I was taking them out of my hair. I’m so glad these came in the box. They’re $7.29 per pack, so I really needed these!

Next, I grabbed this candle from Bath and Body Works. It’s in the scent Black Pepper Bergamot. It’s nice when I just smelled it, but I haven’t lit it yet. It’s a little light, but that’s why I like it. It kind of smells like a guy’s cologne. But it’s not to much cologne. It’s like the perfect amount. I love it. It costs$3.50 per candle. Now, you might notice the little specks of fairy dust on the lid. I’ll get to that later.

Next, I saw these fake eyelashes. I’ve never worn fake eyelashes before, so I think these would be a really good starter. I wouldn’t wear these out everyday, since they’re kind of thick and dramatic, but maybe if I were going to a party or something, I’d wear them. Halloween is coming up, so I might wear them. These are $5.99.

This little card was hiding in the box. It’s just a coupon for more candles. Also, note the naked thumb and the fairy dust on the fingers. Yes, I do miss the nail polish.

This one surprised me. When I signed up, I didn’t think I was going to get anything this big in my VoxBox. This is a full-sized perfume, people. It’s from VitaBathm and the scent is Citron Leaves. A little strong for my liking, but it’s not horrid. This is a perfume you have to spray and run into. Not one that you can just spray on yourself. It didn’t give me a price on this, but if you can find it, then yay!

When I grabbed this out of the box, I was so excited. I thought it was hand lotion. I love hand lotion! I need to take super good care of my hands now that I wash dishes a lot, and add on the fact that it’s getting colder. Dry hands are just so gross. Anyways. I was so excited, and then I looked at the bottle. It’s curl definig cream for your hair. So, I’m Asian, and I have straight hair. I’d do a review of this product, but I can’t. It smells nice. I’ll give it that. It’s $6.00 for a full sized 4 oz. bottle. Mine is only 1.5 oz, so use that info the way you will.

If you noticed fairy dust on a lot of these products, this is the reason why. It’s an NYC eyeshadow set, and it’s like a smokey eye look. It has shimmery white, silver, gray, and black. It also has a base and illuminator. The shimmery silver chipped a little and exploded. It’s not a big deal. I don’t really do a smokey eye anyways. I’m just a little mad that the silver got in my illuminator and base. I’m going to do a seperate post with swatches of this, so just stay tuned! This costs $4.99, and you can honestly get this in any drugstore.

And the last product! This is an EBoost packet thing. It’s like Emergen-C. You put it in water, and you apparently feel happier, more focused, and your immune system gets better. Mine’s the orange flavor. I just tried it out. I might have put too much water in mine. It says it’s supposed to be effervescent, but mine was only a little bubbly. It tasted like Tang, which isn’t bad. However, if you look at the price, it’s $28 for a set of $20 of these. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t buy them after this. I just don’t like water enhancers, and it’s a little pricey. That’s just me.

So yeah! That’s my VoxBox! I know that you can get different combinations of things, so you should try and find other people who got this box. Maybe they’ll have different stuff! I’ll have another post on the NYC compact soon, so just wait around for that. Other than that, I want to thank you for stopping by. And have a wonderful day!


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