Lucha Libre!

lucha libre: n; a form of freestyle wrestling originating in Mexico

Number of Polishes: Two nail polishes, and five acrylic paints.

Time Spent: About an hour and a half.

I’ve been inspired by the colorful world of lucha libre. If you look at all of the lucha masks, they go from simple one color masks to these elaborate masks with tassels and horns! And then the actual wrestling is pretty sweet, too. It’s so swift and quick and pretty.

Some of the masks I painted are of actual Mexican luchadors, or the wrestlers, and some are from American luchadors, and one is from a Japanese luchador.

Here is a list of the wrestlers I painted.

Left hand:

Thumb= Jushin “Thunder” Liger

Pointer= Mil Mascaras

Middle= Delirious

Ring= UltraMantis Black

Pinky= Excalibur

Right hand:

Thumb= El Generico

Pointer= Blue Demon

Middle= Mistico

Ring= El Santo

Pinky= Frightmare

You can see just how different all of these masks are. My favorite masks out of these wrestlers are Delirious, Liger, and Mantis. I even made the Delirious one scarily accurate. Look it up. You’ve got time.

You might have noticed I’m rocking shorter nails. This is for two reasons. I took up guitar… again. And… I GOT A JOB! I work at a restaurant now. And if you’ve workd in food service, you would know that you need to keep your nails short… and unpolished. Sadly, I can’t wear polish during the week, but I’ll still have nails ready for you every Friday. I haven’t started yet, so I have some time to hide my nails under polish.

Anyways, I apologize for the unnecessarily long post. I hope you enjoyed the nails, and thanks for stopping by!


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