No. I’m not yelling at you.

Number of Polishes: Three polishes, and one acrylic paint

Time Spent: With a huge snack break, about an hour.

Next Thursday, I’m going to a LARP. For those unaware, a LARP is Live Action Role Play. Why am I going, you may ask? Because I get the chance to attack 360 people I don’t know/barely know/am friends with. It just seems like fun. IT’s the day after school officially ends, even though I end a day earlier than some. I’m so excited. Anyways, the nails.

These are my LARP nails. They’re Poptarts. You’re probably now wondering, “What does a breakfast confection have to do with role playing?” Well, my clan’s name is the Plenitude Of Power That’s Also Really Telepathically Swell. Now take the first letter of each of the words in our name. Yup. We’re that amazing. Our team colors are chocolate brown, bright pink, and blue, which is why there’s a chocolate frosted poptart on my nail.

If anyone was curious, I will be using a whip to whip people’s butts!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these nails, and thanks for stopping by!


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