I’m sorry!

I didn’t forget. I promise!

Number of Polishes: Only five!

Time Spent: Surprisingly… about 30-45 minutes?

Oh. My. Goodness. I just have five nail appointments today. Four of my friends are going to our prom tomorrow, so I was doing their nails. And my other friend who isn’t going wanted her nails done. (For those who are curious, no. I’m not going. I’m hanging out with a friend who I haven’t seen in MONTHS.) So I had those nails to do. And then I had my own nails to do. And THEN my sister says that her and her friend need their hair done. I’ve been doing things for other people, so the blog post was put on hold. But here they are!

ZOMBIES. This is dedicated to my zombie friend, who I just so happen to love. These are pretty goot for 30 minutes and 5 polishes, right?

Well, in honor of tomorrow’s prom, I’m going to post the photos of my friends’ nails! So you’re going to get two posts this week. =D

I hope you al enjoyed these. Thanks for stopping by!


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