Extremely early nail art post!

Yes. It’s still Thursday. No, you’re not imagining things.

Number of Polishes: 15 polishes, and three paints. This was an intense nail art design.

Time Spent: One hour, and 12 minutes exactly.

You’re probably wondering why I’m posting on a Thursday. Tomorriw night, a bunch of friends and I are going to a concert, so I wouldn’t have been able to paint and post before we left. It’s a Kina Grannis concert. (Any fans out there? What’s your favorite song? Mine’s the one on my nails.)

My nails are inspired by her song In Your Arms. Here’s the video:

Can you guess what part of the song I used?

If you said the chorus, you’d be correct! “In the rain, in the dark, we’ll lay. In your arms. In your arms, I’ll stay.” And by the way, my left thumb says “In Your Arms” and the right thumb says “Kina Grannis.” I’m so excited for tomorrow’s concert! I’m going to her meet and greet before the show. I hope she likes my nails! And if anyone knows who Kina is and follows her on Twitter, feel free to send her my nails. Even though she’s going to see them tomorrow. It wouldn’t hurt if she saw them more than once! =D

And I hope you liked my nails, too. Thanks for stopping by!


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