Let’s be honest here.

There is nothing green about my nails.

Number of Polishes: Eight polishes, and one paint. And some little star nail decals.

Time Spent: About an hour and a half. Not bad.

So, I didn’t do the obvious St. Patrick’s day nails. Why? I’m not Irish, and I don’t celebrate the holiday, and I have more important things to take care of.

Wow. That sounds bratty.

Well. My birthday is on Tuesday. And my friend’s birthday is on Thursday (HEY GURL). My other friend’s birthday was on Wednesday (HEY GURL). Basically, what I’m saying is I wanted to do birthday nails for the three of us. I’m sorry I didn’t get the seemingly mandatory St. Patrick’s day nail art going on. I just couldn’t! I have things to paint!

So we got some chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones and cupcakes to satisfy everyone’s tastes! (Credit to my OTHER friend, whose birthday is in September, for helping me choose some colors for the design.)

I hope you guys liked the nails, and happy birthday to whoever is reading this! I don’t care if it’s not your birthday. Just. Happy Birthday.

Thanks for reading, everyone. =D


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