I’m melting! Melting!!!

Just like chocolate.

Number of Polishes: Two polishes, two paints.

Time Spent: To be completely honest, I don’t know how long these took. I started them, and then went out to dinner, and then finished them when I got home. I don’t remember what time I started these, or how long each painting period was. I’m sorry.

Now, I don’t want these to be seen as morbid. They’re pretty and romantic. The way I see it is that the heart is melting. Like, haven’t you seen something so cute that it made your heart melt?

And if I’m single come Valentine’s Day, then… yes. Look at these as morbid.

Anyways, the paints I used are sucking up my top coat. In a few, I’ll do another topcoat. I might also add some rhinestones to this. I feel this is too… simple for my liking. I’m probbaly not going to add anything, though. Laziness, of course. =D

Thanks for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed!


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