*witty title here*

*witty reference to witty title here*

Number of Polishes: If you saw my post last night, you would know that I used a total of 14 nail polishes!

Time Spent: I took a bunch of breaks in between. With the breaks, It took a little under 2 hours. However, I must have taken a total of 45 minutes of breaks, so do math.

So this was the worst painting experience in a while. My nail art pen, which is all nail polish, explodes and turns me into a shade of shimmery neon yellow. I get it all over my K button on my keyboard. I get polish on my hard wood floor. And my nails don’t turn out the way I wanted them to.

But now that everything’s done, looking at the nails together and finished, I kind of like it. It’s super cute in time for Valentines day, even though this wasn’t a Valentines design.

Candy! My favorite part of this design is the background. It’s full of whimsy! The candy, however, didn’t turn out as well as I wanted. I’m not sad or disappointed with myself, though. It’s still so cute.

Even though the background is busy and I’m already rocking rhinestones, I might add some more flare to them. I really doubt it, but I might.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and hope you like the nails!

PS: Check out my nail tutorials on YouTube.

User: ItsSuperBianca


2 thoughts on “*witty title here*

  1. Ah, the wHimsy! (I hope you can tell how I’m pronouncing that word as I type it, haha).
    You made a candy design a week before Valentine’s without considering it a Valentine’s design!? Silly! : P

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