We Know How To Party.

That’s a reference that only my sisters would know.

Number of Polishes: If you saw my post last night, you would have known that I used 20 nail polishes and one paint.

Time Spent: This took less than an hour. I know! Twenty polishes and about 30 minutes of painting? Nonsense!

Now, last night I asked what I was going to paint. My friend guessed for 15 minutes straight when we were emailing each other. She had good guesses, but they were all WRONG. Clearly. I told her she would be so angry when she read this post, because it’s so different from what she said.

Well. Here we go!

It’s rainbow leopard print!

It is the complete opposite of what I do for nails most of the time. You’ve seen. I’m not this type of nail artist. I do colective things. Sometimes, I do use different color backgrounds, but I’ve never done something this… simple! Yes. This is simple for me. It took me 30 minutes, afterall. =D

For some odd reason, my right hand never photographed accurately. The colors on my middle finger are a little off. I wanted to show you the legit color, but the best representation of the color is a blurry picture.

It was weird. Only my right hand was inaccurately colored. The picture of my left hand is fine.

Oh. And by the way. The only reason why I’m posting so early is because I came home from school early. I had finals, and during our finals, we have open campus, so I left because I have no other final. It’s awesome. I get to leave early on Monday, too!

Anyways, these are this week’s nails. I hope you like them, and thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “We Know How To Party.

  1. I knew what they were gonna be! 😀
    Very nice, very colorful! Too bad your right hand didn’t photograph well! Cool colors on one hand, warm on the other, huh? Nice.

    • I already did Beatles nails! I did them a good 80,000 times. I never took pics, though. I didn’t have a camera/didn’t like them ehough. xD

      I already did a murder theme, therefore no ICB for me. But I’ll consider fun ninjas.

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