Oh yay! Nail art planning!

Skip down if you don’t feel like reading.

So I plan my nail art months and months in advance. I have my current nail art planned until the 3rd week of April, and this list have been around since September. Yeah. I truly mean “months in advance.”

This is where you all come in! Do you have any ideas for nail art? I want something I’ve never seen before/never done before. Like, don’t suggest nautical nails. Everyone has seen nautical nails.Or don’t suggest the mustache nails, or the vintage rose nails. We’ve all seen them.

I want something we’ve never seen before. “Do nails about Professional Wrestling!” That’s a good suggestion. You rarely see that. Or nails about dragons. Or guns. Or guitars. Anything extremely unique, I will consider.

However, you have to realize that if you give me a suggestion, unless we’re the same person, my take on the nails will be different than your take on the nails. Mine might be more simple, or more detailed. I’m just saying it won’t be perfect.

tl;dr Just give me fun nail art suggestions. I’ll consider all, and if you have great ideas, I’ll even do all of them. I can’t do all designs. Just letting you know.

Well, I hope yo uall suggest something. Thanks for reading!


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