“I’m feeling fat and sassy.”

Just keep reading.

Now, this wasn’t meant to be a personal blog by any means. It’s called Bianca Paints Nails, because I wanted to have a nail blog. However, I feel like there’s something that should be shared with the world.

I don’t know. My siter showed me.

Also, I have a question about the blog. I put this after the video because I felt those who cared about me most would stick around after the video. So I have this hobby (which will remain a secret for the time being) but it has to deal with fashion. How would people feel if I were to post some fashiony stuff like… once every week or two?

Feel free to comment. I like comments. I read them, too. Even though I don’t get any…

Yeah. No one’s reading here. I scared you all off with that video.

Well, I’m still going to thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on ““I’m feeling fat and sassy.”

  1. haha i wonder what fabulous person suggested adding something fashiony to your blog? could it have been me? like when we were in journalism and i said OMGGG you should add your ripped t-shirts to your blog! and you were like… T-shirt TUESDAY!
    haha yeh 🙂
    also i didn’t watch the video.. just read the post OMG how could i?

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