Another blast from the past!

I should post these more often. I love them.

Number of Polishes: OVER NINE… which means 10.

Time Spent: I remember doing these nails. I had a snow day from school on a Friday, but I couldn’t go back to sleep after the school called, so I did these at 7 AM. With that being said (and being completely unrelated), I want to say these took about an hour and a half.

Luckily, it didn’t snow too much, so I was able to put off shoveling until my nails were dry.

I wish I could do grown up versions of these nails. Not only did I do them while delirious, but I wasn’t as experienced. I would be able to to these nails so much better now than I did last year.

Also, I apologize for the non-witty title. I just didn’t feel like putting a song lyric/reference today. Also, it made for a suspenseful post. What is Bianca posting today?

Music! I’m sorry if you guys can’t tell. I did a few different things with a little music staff everywhere. If you couldn’t tell, here are the nails.

Thumb: Cassette.

Pointer: Old school radio.

Middle: iPod. Fun fact, it’s supposed to be my iPod. I have a pink one fifth gen. nano.

Ring: Guitar. It was inspired by John Lennon’s Rickenbacker black and white guitar. It’s beautiful.

Pinky: Keyboard. Duh!

So this was today’s blast from the past. I hope you like them. Thanks for reading!


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