I love giving people points.

So whoever understands this one will get so many points. Just roll in those points!

Number of Polishes: Only Five, and one star decal. It’s the little star in the middle of the big star.

Time Spent: As I tap into my insane memory, I say this design took about an hour and a half? Maybe less? I did this way back last March, so I don’t remember as well.

There’s only so much I can say before someone opens Google and looks this up, but whatever. I doubt you’d find this on Google anyways. You kind of have to know what this is to get the points.

I wonder how many people will get the points…

By the way. The answer to my design is in this post. You just have to look for it.

I hope someone says they get what this is…

Even if you have no clue what this is, I hope you liked the design and thanks for reading!


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