So I get way too excited about nail art.

Because my pictures don’t even have a top coat on them. xD

Number of Polishes: Eight nail polishes, and an acrylic paint in black for the string of the balloons.

Time Spent: Surprisingly, only 45 minutes! I totally expected this to take so much longer, but I was wrong!

I was shopping for a project where we needed to make a 3D diorama of a planet (which is really ugly but whatever), and I bought some acrylic paints. Now obviously, I’m not going to use all of them on the project, and I think my friend is giving me some of her paints, so now I have acrylic paints! They paint easier than nail polish. I’ll tell you that much.

I was also able to use my new Migi Nail Art Pens that were given to me by another friend. They’ve got intense capillary action. Sweet Jesus, that capillary action. It made my nail design go from an easy 30 minutes to an equally easy 45 minutes.

I didn’t top coat yet, because I really wanted to get pictures. I promise, I’ll have top coated pictures tomorrow. I was just so excited! It’s so cute!

In picture two, you can see my sweet cheetah print pajamas. (And this is why I’m 16 and not pregnant.)

Well, I hope you thought these were as cute as I did. (I’m seriously in love with these nails So adorable.) Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day/afternoon/night!


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