One, two. You hear the clock ticking…

If anyone gets the reference, you get 80,000 points.

Number of Polishes: Three.

Time Spent: Heh. Time.Anyways, this was only one nail, so I want to say less than 20 minutes.

This was from way back in 2010 I think. This was when I was getting really into nail art. I had been doing nail art before then, but that was when I started doing my OCD schedules, and started looking up some info as well.

I remember I didn’t have anything scheduled for that day, so I asked suggestions from friends that day. No offense friends, but you gave me bad suggestions that day. (I remember so much from this design!) However, I should have gone with this design at another time, because it’s actually awesome.


It’s such a simple design. I really like it. If I did this design nowadays, I would finish my nails so quick, I would be allowed to have a life on Fridays! (Haha. Just kidding. We all know I spend my Fridays sleeping at 10 PM, and eating up the wazoo. I’m never trading that in for anything.)

Well, I hope you like the design, and thanks for reading!


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