I think this is one of my favorite designs I’ve done.

Number of Polishes: Seven! Seven polishes and some cute little star nail decals.

Time Spent: This was a long while ago, but I remember this nail design specifically. I just so happened to choose the slowest drying polishes in the history of ever with this design, so it took a good hour and half. If my polishes would have dried faster, this would have been a really quick 45 minute design. Probably shorter.

This is such a simple design. I love it so much, though. I think it’s implied it’s a sunset, but I remember having to tell many people that it was a sunset. But whatever. I was just too lazy to blend everything. xD

If you look on the middle finger, you’ll see a little bit of patchiness, but that wasn’t like that in real life. I remember being really mad about this picture after taking it and deleting the others. (I have a scary good memory for insignificant things.)

Well. I hope you all liked this design, and thanks for stopping by!


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