Magical Butterflies!

They’re so magical.

Number of Polishes: Four. Just four.

Time Spent: This was from a long time ago, hence the awkward nail pose, so I think this should have taken about… two hours?

This is one of my favorite designs I’ve done. Everyone knows the famous Monarch nail art photo. If not, you can look it up. You’ll know which one. And I just loved that nail art so much! However, I felt that that specific nail design, as well as the other ones, were too darn simple. I wanted something more… magical.

So these nails were born.

I remember wearing these nails and getting so many compliments. Like, to the point of crying. I got way too many compliments on these nails.

But whatever. They all thought they were amazing and whatever.

Thanks for reading! Hope you likey.


2 thoughts on “Magical Butterflies!

  1. I tried really hard to press the ‘Like’ button on this page, but….apparently you need to “log in” to do such a thing. so I “LIKED” it in spirit! Because this is just plain beautiful!

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