These pictures are awful.

Shimmery blue: Four coats, dries satin, worth the number of coats. It’s beautiful.

Pepto Pink: Three coats, dries super matte, has a slight blue sheen in the tube.

Electric purple: Three coats, dries satin, has the consistency of a jelly polish.

Neon orange: Three coats, dries satin, has the consistency of a jelly polish.

Blue violet: Three coats, dries matte. Beautiful color with wonderful red and blue shimmer, THe red shimmer is larger and more noticable.

Neon shimmery yellow: Two coats, dries super matte, can see brush marks, but it’s a great color.

Neon green: Two coats, dries satin, is like a jelly.

Shimmery red: Two coats, dries matte, has shimmer in the tube, but doesn’t show through the matte-ness.

Shimmery light pink: Two coats, has a pretty shimmer.

Shimmery gray: Two coats, has a wonderful pinkish purple sheen that actually translates well to the nail. You just can’t see it.

Those are all of the polishes. Now, you’re probably sitting here wondering, “What are those words?!” Well, here’s a post on the Lacquerized blog that I think it really helpful. It describes 25 different nail polish finishes, and I refer to a bunch of them in my post. Just click here… or here.

I apologize if this post is still a little confusing. I’m banking on the fact that Lacquerized link will help you with everything… xD

I hope you liked the post despite how confusing, and thanks for reading!


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