I respect all mother nail bloggers.

I have a fake kid that doesn’t need to be fed, washed, cleaned, burped, or any of it. I stick a key in it’s back and hope for the best. However, you real life mother nail bloggers who take the time out to care for your child, work, take careof your home, and find the time to paint your nails, I respect you. How you’re able to keep your eyes open after caring for your baby all night will forever confuse me. I’ve had this thing for one night, and I think I’m dying. Not to mention I did some intense dancing yesterday, so my limbs hurt. Moms, I respect you.

However, that’s not what this post is about. xD

I told you I’d be back with a better picture of my goodies!

I have to buy nail wheels/fake nails for swatches, since I already have a design on my nails that I don’t want to take off just yet. However, I’ll see if I can buy some this weekend.

That is if you want to see swatches. Let me know. I know I’ll be using one of these polishes next Friday for my nail art design. Not sure when I’ll use the other polishes, though.

Thanks for reading!


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