Step on a Crack…

… You brake your mother’s back!

Number of Polishes: Three!

Time Spent: I just did these nails. About an hour. I had a 15 minute break of me doing homework, so 45 minutes were spent on my nails.

I got home from my friend’s house late, so I’m really fortunate that these took less than an hour. Since Friday the 13th, is next Friday, I decided to do nails for the occasion.

Freshly done, no top coat yet.

If you look closely at the gray, you’ll see it’s a little crackled. However, it’s not even a crackle polish! It was just a regular nail polish that goes on solid. How did I do it? You just wipe the brush off a whole bunch so there’s absolutely no excess on the brush. There should barely be any nail polish on the brush. Then, with the lightest touch, just paint your nails. This works better with thicker nail polishes, but if you go over a thin polish twice with this method, it’ll produce a pretty cool effect as well.

However, I’m working on a little project with crackle polish, but this is a little surprise.

Now, I’m not sure if you noticed, but I had a 15 minute homework break during my design. I really want to show you why…

Fake baby! Haha!

Yes. It’s creepy in real life.

This is a school project where you take home this fake baby and you take care of it for a weekend. It cries when it wants something, but you just stick a key in it’s back to shut it up care for it. His name is Murphy Hero, and his birthday is today!

I will not get any sleepthis weekend. Pray for me?

Anyways, thanks so much for reading, and I hope you lik the nails!


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