Oh! I forgot to mention!

My friend gave me some of her old nail polishes! Some were chunky, but it was nothing a little nail polish thinner wouldn’t fix.

She gave me a set of Migi Nail Art Pens, and two really old nail polishes.

Now, you’re about to get a really bad picture because with after I took the picture of my nails, my camera’s battery ran out. So that’s charging right now. For now, you’re dealing with a webcam shot. I’ll try to get better pictures tomorrow with a legitimate camera if I don’t die of exhaustion first.

THANKS GURL! I really love the pens. Those were so chunky, but I fixed them. The two little hearts are just the cutest nail polishes I’ve ever seen. And that white bottle is something called, “Avon Nail Experts Nail Mender.” I’ve never heard of it before, but I hope it mends my nails!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed your stay.


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