Luck is for Losers.

More references! Give yourself 50 points if you get it.

Number of Polishes: Seven polishes, and various rhinestones and spangles.

Time Spent: Guesstimation is… at least three hours. And I know there was at least half an hour of research before I painted my nails.

So I was trying to go for a tattoo look, which is why the background color is a little… ugly. I specifically went with luck symbols for my tattoos, because I found the quote, “Luck is for Losers,” and was inspired. I thought it would be ironic.

I remember painting these nails more than painting a lot of my other designs solely because of the amount of work I put into it. I looked up so many good luck symbols, because I couldn’t think of any. And then after three hours of an awful nail art attempt, I realized that the nails were way too plain for me. There’s no such thing as overboard for me, so I decided to add piercings. When that didn’t work, I just blingified.

I did these nails over a year ago. I know for a fact that I’ve improved at nail art, and I know that I can do these nails 10 times better than this. I apologize for the awful-tastic nails, but someday, I’ll re-do these.

Ready for awkward hand pose?!

If you look closely, that might be someone’s phone number on my ring finger. Well, “someone”, if that’s your phone number, I’m sorry. I don’t recognize it. And readers, DON’T CALL IT. Mostly because you can’t see the whole number. xD

Hope you liked the post, and thanks for reading!


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