Fighting Evil By Moonlight!

Winning love by daylight.

Never running from a real fight!

She is the one named Sailor Moon.

Number of Polishes: Eight polishes, one acrylic paint, and three half pearls each hand.

Time Spent: This was done in July or August, so I honestly don’t know. However, I can guarantee at least 2 hours, 30 minutes.

She will never turn her back on her friends.

She is always there to defend.

She is the one of who we can depend.

She is the one named Sailooorrr….


Jeez. I have super dry cuticles in that picture…

Anyways, the other Sailors were Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter (in that order according to the theme song).

*WARNING: Sailor Moon rant/blog of some sort. Scroll down for closing thoughts.*

My favorite was always Sailor Mars. She was so fiesty and sarcastic and psychic, and she played with fire. I always thought was so cool! Also, for those who know me in real like, they know I’m a fiesty and sassy one.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto were awesome, too. Uranus (lol) ain’t the lady to mess with, and Pluto seemed so calm, yet could instantly destroy you.Meptune was pretty cool, too, but I only liked her as a sailor. As her human form, she was too frilly and girly for my taste. This coming from a girl who paints her nails for hours on end every Friday…) But something about her was just… annoying.

Okay! Okay. I’ll stop.

Did you have a favorite Sailor Soldier?

NOW. I’m done.

Thanks for reading! And if you read through the whole thing, give yourself a cookie. You deserve it.


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