Blue Holo Leopard Print!

While I’m messing with the blog, I might as well post more nail art.

Number of Polishes: Only 3 for this one.

Time Spent: I did these MONTHS ago, so I honestly don’t remember. However, I can guesstimate that this took me about an hour. Maybe? If I were lucky, maybe less.

Yeah. I did these months ago. I can’t remember the exact month, since these pics aren’t showing up in my Camera Pics folder (but they are in my Nail Art folder), but I can guess this was an attempt sometime in April, if my memory serves correct. If this is true, then I spent part of that day dancing in my PJs with a lampshade on my head and a broom in hand while hanging out with friends.

That, however, is a story for another post. (I don’t mind telling the story. It’s not a long one. Just tell me.)


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