Arabian NIIGHTS! Like Arabian DAAYSS!!!!

These were done sometime in August. I was inspired, okay?!

Number of Polishes: 8 Polishes!

Time Spent: At least 2 hours, 30 minutes. Let me tell you.

Now, someone out there hates me, because I had two other pics from this design, but THEY’RE GONE. So. We’re going to have to deal with the memories. (But we should actually leave the memories alone. Don’t change a thing. ♪♫)

Ah whatever. They were done by my left hand on my right, and I’m nowhere close to being left hand dominant.

So, I’m not sure if you noticed on first glance, but right before I had taken this picture, I washed my hands, and there are water drops on the nails. Just pointing it out. I think it’s funny.

Hope you liked this nail art venture!


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